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This is my personal wiki for my notes around software development.

  • Guides - Opinionated guides for building things, designed to be easy to read and quick to follow.
  • Concepts - In depth articles around high level concepts.
  • Tools - In depth documentation around using specific tools

Tech Stack

Over time I've been building my goto tech stack for personal projects, the diagram below contains my current tools I use and their link with each other.

Tools with a 🌐 icon are clickable, linking to my notes on the tool.

graph LR
    subgraph devops[DevOps]
        nomad["Nomad 🌐"]
        click nomad "/tools/nomad/"
        consul["Consul 🌐"]
        click consul "/tools/consul/"
        fedora["Fedora Server 🌐"]
        click fedora "/tools/fedora/fedora-server"
        docker["Docker 🌐"]
        click docker "/tools/docker"
        ansible["Ansible 🌐"]
        click ansible "/tools/ansible"

        nomad -- Runs on --> fedora
        consul -- Runs on --> fedora
        docker -- Runs on --> fedora
        nomad -- Orchestrates --> docker
        nomad <-- Communicates with --> consul
        ansible -- Configures --> fedora
        ansible -- Configures --> consul
        ansible -- Configures --> nomad

    subgraph frontend[Frontend]
        react["React 🌐"]
        click react "/tools/react"
        next["Next.js 🌐"]
        click next "/tools/nextjs"
        typescript["Typescript 🌐"]
        click typescript "/tools/typescript"
        mui["Material UI 🌐"]
        click mui "/tools/material-ui"

        typescript -- Used by --> next
        react -- Used by --> next
        next -- Runs on --> docker
        mui -- Components for --> react

Last update: October 2, 2023
Created: May 27, 2023