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Nomad Glossary

Nomad Cluster

  • agent
    • A Nomad agent is a Nomad process running in server or client modem, the basic building block of a Nomad cluster
  • server
    • A Nomad agent running in Server mode, the brains of the cluster
  • leader
    • The leader is a Nomad server that performs the bulk of the cluster management, its in charge of maintaining the cluster state
  • follower
    • Non-leader Nomad servers. Followers create scheduling plans and submit them to the leader to provide more scheduling capacity to the cluster.
  • client
    • A Nomad agent running in client mode. Client agents are responsible for registering themselves with the servers, watching for any work to be assigned, and executing tasks.

Nomad Objects

jobtask grouptask

  • job
    • A job defines one or more task groups which contain one or more tasks.
  • job specification
    • The Nomad job specification (or “jobspec” for short) defines the schema for Nomad jobs.
  • task group
    • A set of tasks that must be run together (on the same client node). A running instance of a task group is an allocation
  • task driver
    • A task driver represents the basic means of executing tasks.
  • task
    • The smallest unit of work in Nomad. Tasks are executed by task drivers.
  • allocation
    • The mapping between a task group in a job and a client node. Allocations are created by the Nomad serves as part of scheduling decisions made during an evaluation.
  • evaluation
    • Mechanism by which Nomad makes scheduling decisions, When either the desired state (jobs) or actual state (clients) changes, Nomad creates a new evaluation to determine if any actions must be taken. An evaluation may result in changes to allocations if necessary.

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Last update: August 5, 2023
Created: August 5, 2023