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Dev Environment

nomad agent -dev -bind -network-interface=en0

NOTE: -network-interface=en0 is required when using Docker Desktop (e.g. on Mac or Windows) so that networking between tasks work.

With Configuration File

bind_addr = ""

plugin "docker" {
    config {
        volumes {
            enabled = true
nomad agent -dev -config=my-config.hcl

MacOS Docker Desktop tricks

There seems to be an issue with ipv6 on MacOS (it seems like Docker Desktop doesn't support it).

There are a few Github issues related to it:

A fix seems to be to tweak the IPv6 config on Mac by:

  1. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Click the "Details..." button next to your network
  2. Under "TCP/IP" set "Configure IPv6" to "Link-local only"
  3. Restart Nomad
  4. In the Nomad UI, verify the fix by going to the client node and check the "" attribute and verify that its an ipv4 address (instead of a ipv6 one)


locals {
    # Get the absolute path of the current directory
    path = abspath(".")

job "example" {
  datacenters = ["dc1"]

  group "group" {
    task "task" {
      driver = "docker"

      config {
        image = "busybox:1"
        command = "/bin/sh"
        args = ["-c", "echo ok; sleep 300"]
        volumes = ["${local.path}:/data"]

From this Github comment

Last update: August 12, 2023
Created: May 27, 2023